dynamic image by shannon freshwater. i found this image in the op-ed contributor section in the nytimes.  she designed this piece for a story titled: blue haiti. the article discusses the author’s return to her home land after being evacuated in january.  
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i made a thing so i can send it to people who keep insisting israel is not committing genocide against palestine 
with that it is bedtime i am too depressed for this shitty ass world


A Palestinian boy mourns next to his brother’s grave - who was very recently killed by the Israeli military in its latest assault on Gaza - on the morning of Eid al-Fitr at a cemetery in Beit Lahiyah in the northern Gaza Strip, July 28, 2014. (Photo: Suhaib Salem / Reuters)


Recap: Hamas didn’t kidnap the 3 Israelis. Hamas abided by an 18-month ceasefire. Israel broke the ceasefire repeatedly, bombed Gaza, pummeled the West Bank, and murdered more than 1000 Palestinians.

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Seen in Jamaica, Queens.


lmao some people literally dont understand how fucking insane and brave of him it was to do that… this kid has been faced with so much hate over the most nastiest/most emotional things… he understands racism in a way that the other four people in the band dont… he gets it and he knows the backlash to that tweet and he didnt give any fucks im so emo about zayn give me a moment

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i get so pissed when people say they’re into latin ppl, asian pll, black ppl, etc. and they have jungle or yellow fever, etc. but then these same people disrespect their poc partner’s culture and their heritage it’s like ‘i’m with this poc now so that means i get to make racist…